Format: CD
Genre: Doom / Death Metal
Country: UK / Poland


released September 17, 2018

"Cadaverine" was conceived in torment between 2013-2018 in the tomb of Eternal Rot.
Mixing and mastering by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio.
Intros and outros by Zenial.
Artwork by Mark Riddick.
Typesetting and layout project by Paweł Ozon.
Band logo by Radek Pierściński.
Album title logo by Paweł Martowicz (Nuclear Tattoo Sanok).

Eternal Rot are:
Mayer - guitars, bass, drum programming, vocals
Grindak - vocals, lyrics

More info:

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After a five-year-long hiatus during which the band did not apparently perish in the swamps of mouldy and slugdy death metal, Eternal Rot start where they left off with the Promo 2013. Aptly titled ‘Cadaverine’, the album features a four tracks and almost 30 minutes of filthy and dirty, slow to mid-paced hymns of doom and death. Gnarly and slightly distorted vocals, down-tuned guitars and gut-wrenching bass parts, all based on solid drumming, is everything a die hard fan might expect... The horde crawl out of the tomb they have dwelled for the past five years, offering some organ crushing, mind blowing and sickening metal of death stripped to the bone. A true must for any fan of old school masters.


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Godz Ov War Productions is an independent label dedicated to extreme music from the depths of the underground.

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Track Name: Undying Desolation
Through the Ages shrouded in
Putrefaction from within
Condemned to Rot with no end
Sempiternal living hell

Everlasting hunger
For recurring life
Long before
The Age of Man
Aeons pass
In desolate silence
And beyond belief
All-devouring entity
Old and morbid

Reaching out to every grave
Eternally rotting.... rotting away...
Track Name: In Their Decaying Eyes
Bodily fluids, rotting corpses
Shredded skin, gutted torsos
Rancid odour overwheling
Shiny innards, bones exposed

Disembowelled tormented womb
Look in their eyes sentimental
Swinging gently from the meathooks
Almost can't stand it, stench unbearable

Trophies collected and segregated, teeth aside from lips and ears
Depraved fascination pushes to the limits of cruelty
Dying from sickness no one knows yet
Bodies forsaken and alone, laying in the pools of blood
Staring into decaying mess of lives taken away.
Track Name: Putrid Hallucination
Tripping away next to the dead
Visions unfolding with his stench
Strange emanations of dead meat
Choking on pure cadaverine

Cemeteries full of supply
Of this sweet fluid that makes me high
Sick addiction craving more
Always awaiting another funeral

Compulsive obsession with bodies still
Twisted illusions taken for real
Passing the threshold, point of no return
Corrupted I welcome spiritual gangrene

Dressed in suffering of everyone who died
All their last moments come to me at once
Necromantic lunacy, reason is denied
Horrid dimensions soon to be reopened

Overdosed and insane
Lying in slime of everything I've drank
Stopped breathing
But visions gong on
Track Name: Slough of Despond
Wanderers on the trodden soil
remembering these gloomy paths of Old.
Head in hands, I realise that I am just one of them
only madness holds me here.
Fragments of life long gone flashing in my mind,
now an empty shelf with no aim to go.

Ceaseless hate, hating all that is alive
eating my own flesh and the flesh of others.
It's all that's left in this absurd existence,
I don't know who they are but I'll stay with them.
No meaning for what was before the Death,
Life wasn't even real but a twitches in dead brain.
Wanting more of this senseless anguish,
Stuck knee-deep among the humans perished.

Hopelesness rules in this slough of despond,
surety of misery and grief for all.
Despairing with need to relive the woes,
embrace neverending dying on the gloomy paths of Old.

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