In the Name of True Death Metal




Format: MC
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Mexico


released October 10, 2016


Morbid Messiah are:
José Rivas - vocals
Roberto Trejo - guitars
Guillermo López - bass
Anubis Sandoval - drums

More info:


Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present the debut mini-album of MORBID MESSIAH, In the Name of True Death Metal. Originally self-released earlier in 2016, In the Name of True Death Metal was such a fresh stench of rotteness that Godz Ov War had to make it more widely available for diehards worldwide.

As its title unapologeticaly states, In the Name of True Death Metal is no more and certainly less DEATH fucking METAL done in the ancient way. Hailing from Mexico, MORBID MESSIAH might be a fairly new horde, but the quartet bleed such authenticity, such a deep understanding of what makes the blood coursing through the Metal of Death so vital, that you'd be forgiven for thinking their debut record came out during the turn of the '90s. No trendy Swedeath worship, no tired Tampa tropes, no boring gore - just utter darkness and filth!

Recommended for maniacs of Sadistic Intent, Morbid Upheaval, Slugathor, Peru's Mortem, and Sweden's Grotesque: all In the Name of True Death Metal!


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Godz Ov War Productions is an independent label dedicated to extreme music from the depths of the underground.

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Track Name: Intro
Welcome to the land of horror and despair.
Welcome to the land of sickness and depravation.
Feel the putrefaction running through your veins,
while you see what once was your insignificant existence
falling in the grip of the Morbid Messiah.
Track Name: I am Your Lord
I see you while you rot in hell, obscure damnation.
Worms crawling in your lifeless skull, devastation.
The rapist of the helpless souls, morbid pleasure.
Dark chosen one by Satan’s will… I am your lord!

Pathetic beings runs for their lives; burning death screams.
I am going to tear your flesh apart, inferior maggots.
Senseless existence comes to end by the hand of the immortal.
Horror, torture and rotting remains… the rage of the master!

The body piles are left to rot, turning to ashes.
The world will burn under the sight of the evil messiah.
Dismembered pigs twists in their own blood; human shadows.
Agonic screams beg me for death… be my pleasure!

Chaos unleashed in all creation.
Cataclysm, profanation.
It’s my fate to serve damnation.
Put on knees because I am your lord!
Track Name: Putrid Voices
After all my infernal rituals,
I got marked by a nameless curse.
One more soldier to morbid legions.
Darkness sight is now in my eyes.
Everywhere I can hear those voices
claiming for the fresh taste of blood.
My knife is blessed by the hellfire fiends.
I will do their will till I fucking die!

Putrid voices are calling me from the grave.
Evil forces demanding human slaughter.
I watch you die under the wrath of my blade.
Bloodthirsty lords, give the eternal life now!
Once unleashing the sacrileges
this vile massacre will not stop.
Stabbing your fucking corpse will open
the hell gate to immortality.
Howls of pain until death by torture
are the path to the demons' grace.
I will cum in your burning shreds,
I will defile you to the bone.

Putrid voices are calling me from the grave.
Evil forces demanding human slaughter.
I watch you die under the wrath of my blade.
Bloodthirsty lords, give the eternal life now!
I am a morbid miscreation,
my desire is above of God.
Putrefaction, suffocation,
mankind burning by my blood lust.
Every time I take a life my sick perversion
increases and gives me the Satan's blessing.
Carrier of uncreation,
with no mercy, no salvation!
Track Name: Sacrificed for Worship
Virgin flesh for the master’s desire.

Body tied in that cave.
Filth and fear in a macabre blood fest.
All your life in front of your eyes,
while the maniac is preparing your death.
Lucifer wants your soul.
Martyr blood begins to boil in your brain.
Scream and twist while you are
sacrificed for worship.

Flagellant tools and blood spread.
The human butcher’s pleasure is to rip your flesh.
You can hear demons laugh
in the altar where you become their slave.
Virgin gates are divine,
the pain continues with an infernal rape.
Sacred cunt and pure life
sacrificed for worship.

Spit in god, embrace the lust
and surrender to the gore.
No more torment, joy begins.
Now you are a Satan’s whore.

Your skin burns with your sins,
the vile suffering becomes you insane.
Your screams turns in a smile,
feeling ecstasy for being possessed.
Dismembered limb to limb,
your raped mind gets back to heaven again.
Following the wickedness calls;
they are burning in your womb.
Track Name: From Human to Fiend
My life is a killing spree,
I am obsessed with corpses.
Raping children, killing fucking whores,
more alive than any god.
Desecrating all the purity
that can exist in the flesh domains.
Your carcass is my blood offering,
your screams of suffering are my worship.

There is got to be something beyond
the lame perception of mortals.
Something that can make me rise
in the eternal depravation.
Darkness lords now heard my call.
In the deep of my skull
the humanity burned.
Now I am welcome in hell.

Evil power from a human melting.
Burning ritual: pass from human to fiend.

All the demons surround me,
I can smell their rotten stench.
Merciless torture to the
divine signs in my skin.
Watch my human flesh fall
is an orgasm for my soul.
All that remains are the bones
and a voracious thirst of death.

Now my limbs start to twist
in a hellish mutation.
Blessed by killer claws and horns,
and the wings of devastation.
Fate has been written
for a lost race of lambs.
Your god left you to die…
Your guts shall be my feast!

Evil power from a human melting.
Burning ritual: pass from human to fiend.

Demoniac proclamation
of human consummation.
Free on earth to mutilate,
tear apart and desecrate.

Now I have reborn from hell
turning human lifes to shreds.
Eternal lust paradise…
my domain.
Track Name: Condemned to Hell Sores
Embedded in obscurity,
putrid filth and abominations.
all the rancid faith,
until nothing is left
through your carcass left to decompose.

Born in a pure light cradle, a new life's blessing,
stepped out from a vagina belonging to God.
Surrounded by temptation of flesh:
the vilest pleasure of the lost redemption.
Your will condemned you to the lust of the death.
Your only faith is to dismember and cut
all the heads and shred the bodies of the servants of creation.

Taste of slay, curse of burning flesh.
Beyond death gore: condemned to hell sores!
Spill the blood and the guts, create the loathsome.
Kill all, rape the believers with a shit full cross.
Your euphoria comes from mutilation of flesh,
set free your ecstasy in decapitation.
The sense of life is being the ritual to death.
To fucking hell they're going in pieces and fiends
only wait the souls for desecration.

Taste of slay, curse of burning flesh.
Beyond death gore: condemned to hell sores!
Rotting heads, legs and arms torn apart from
the victim, bathed in bile while you stab the deformed corpse.
Tortured skin from the lambs of the raped god.
Burn in hell. In life you will find death, in heaven a closed door.

It’s time to rot, the final death.
You are an executioner, their souls you took.
All you can see it's blood on your face
burning down your soul through decomposed flesh.
You will never die. Spreaded in shreds,
you will be one with nothing, horrific doomed pest.
Hell without end, atmospheric corpse,
your immortal realm in gore!
Track Name: Legions of Death
We are the legions of death,
we were all burn in hell.
Now we back to life to rip your fucking heads.
Put on knees and pray.
Cry, now your god is dead.
The bloody horror and despair will consume your faith.
Spreading slaughter and hate,
dismembered bodies and brains.
Sadistic, perverse: the armies of the holocaust.
We are the gods of damned earths,
reigning in thrones of bones.
We will drink your blood and eat your tortured flesh.

We are the legions of death,
soft bullshit slayers.
We will blow your mind with the sick notes of hell.
The cult emissaries,
diehards to the grave,
shredding all your trends and raping poser cunts.
We are fucking insane,
depraved an deranged.
We are going to slay your condemned world in pain.
The lords of the hells,
born to curse and slay,
sweetly rotting down the morbid taste of death.


We are the legions of death,
of the helpless lifes from our screaming preys.
We arise from your graves,
above you, pieces of shit,
drowning horror screams in our vile domain.
Everything was burned
by our hatred
and our demonic pleasure for the human pain.
We are going to devastate
this life in darkness.
Rotten souls possessed by the death metal gods!


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