INEXORABLE - Sea of Dead Consciousness


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Format: CD / Ltd. CD
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany


released January 31, 2017


Recorded at Time and Dust Studios Nov. / Dec. 2014
Mixed by J. Weidauer
Mastered by J. Lava

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Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present INEXORABLE'S third EP, Sea of Dead Consciousness. Originally released as a limited-edition cassette in 2015, Sea of Dead Consciousness was a strikingly unique 'n' twisted slice of death metal that Godz Ov War felt deserved a wider release.

Now amended with an additional track, Sea of Dead Consciousness plays more like an album now, fully displaying the dark 'n' dizzying powers of this German duo. With apparent ease and a wholesale lack of self-consciousness, INEXORABLE walk that fine line between technical death metal and dissonant death metal, utilizing strange (and slimy) chord combinations atop arrhythmically shifting tempos. Tension increases as INEXORABLE stretch songs to their breaking point, never allowing the listener comfort and yet never forgetting the importance of texture and atmosphere. It's a type of sonic sorcery that challenges sonic perceptions - adventurous, yet never irreverent - with a view toward creating different, vaster worlds.

To underline INEXORABLE's singularity, here the duo also cover Mayhem, Immolation, and Mysticum - in their own distinct way, of course. Enter this Sea of Dead Consciousness if you dare!



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Track Name: I
Oh wanderer,
are you still looking for a meaning?
Oh wanderer,
do you still hold on your life?

death and decay – surrounding stench

Breathe, the foul air!
Breathe, your own death!

Feel how you suffocate!
Feel how you fall!
we all fall – in a sea of dead consciousness we fall
we all fall – we all fall
we all fall – and so will you
we all fall

Thoughts and memories sinking into fathomless waters
knowing no light, knowing no warmth, only knowing

Everything you are and could have been is drowning.
Torn into blackest darkness, under the surface of emptiness
Your existence is not and will never be again.

So you will cease to be.
An empty name;
a nameless shadow;
slowly fading.
Track Name: II
Oh wanderer, do you still walk amongst the living?
Speak, do you feel the ground below?
A treacherous safety on every step.

Slowly, slowly, cease moving!
Your steps are numbered and finally you will fall!
A severe cold lurking in the sea of your dead consciousness!

Thin fingers reaching for you, pulling you to the abyss.
You will fall!
Thin fingers reaching for you, pulling you to the abyss.
You will fall!

Woe betide you!
Eventually the last step is done
the last thought born
and the last breath out of your mouth.
Your way ends and you will fall.

The ground holding you crumbles and becomes
your bed,
your blanket,
your shelter.
Track Name: III
Woe is me!

Wanderer, you wear my face! And I bear your destiny!
Inescapable I walk the way of men.
As we all will fall I shall fall too!

Wyrd bið ful aræd!
Fate is fully inexorable.
The fate of men lies in death.
And there is nothing one can do but die.

There is no hope, only one destination, one end!
There is no hope in doing.
There is no hope in idleness.
There is no hope in belief.
There is no hope in sermons.
All hope is in vain.

There is no warmth in humid soil.
Our cold shelter in fathomless

Track Name: IV*
We all die!

Crawled out of the void, merely a second visible,
promised to oblivion, enslaved forever
by void and chaos nihil ab nihilo quam cito recidimos.

Nothing is permanent and nothing has meaning
without it's source.
Everything we aim for and hope to be,
everything we try to make of ourselves,
is worthless without us and is determined to obliteration.

Media vita in morte sumus

Years of life, seconds of importance, fading into eternity.
The laughter of the norns - escorts us into nothingness.

No life,
no illusions
only death