Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground


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Banners in blood ruthless hordes brings annihilation crush all the seeds of infidelity grease their swords with blood blinding pride choose certain death before disgrace they’ve sentenced their lifes to obliteration and burn all temples of lies they’ve cast down the heads of heretic ones exposed naked corpses to sun raging march to crush them down to dominate no slaves survived no mercy showed without hesitate war and contempt
Bestial lust Pale Human Sacrifice Cold, black blood Putrescent remains of deception Time pasess But beyond theres no hereafter Beliver shall fall Fallen shall rise Cold, black blood Of sacrifice In madness of creation Theres no path of redemption Deception ruins deception Pale human sacrifice Leaves only putrescent remains
Na skraju otchłani, gdzie życie nie ma wartości Pośród resztek człowieczeństwa stoi grobowiec ludzkości Nikt tam nie zagląda ni zjawy ni ducha Tylko smród rozkładu i nędza ludzkiego truchła Plując na świętości które was tu zawiodły Pogardzam waszych bożków i wasze kłamliwe modły Udławcie się swa pycha krocząc do upadku Niech was ziemia pochłonie, zgnijcie do ostatka Taki los was czeka kurwy bez godności Nikt was nie zapamięta nie okaże litości
Blazin Fallen in his might Light-bringing Master of hypocrisy Angelic harems Fallen at your feet in a blood orgy rotten wombs of disgrace echoes of invocation carnal rapture callous stench of racial decline with your curse evoke beasts in us You, with a bleeding mouth, have no food but corpses… In Lucifer (Enlightened) We trust Black Light to the Rotten Wombs of Disgrace
Ołtarzem i hostią dla podłych i martwych Świątynią i domem zatęchłym w rozkładzie Martwa Ziemia Spalona, zagrabiona, niczyja na wieki Płodzi w swych trzewiach kolejne nieszczęścia Kto wejdzie na jej drogę umiera dla świata, Uboga w życie a w śmierć bogata Moja jest ona, królestwo bez końca Wara Wam szczury
Karma Slayer 02:10
I wasnt born to kneel before the throne of rats I wasnt born as sheep to lay my head under the butchers knife condemned,soulless,denied ruthless harbinger of cleansing fanatic hordes pleasured with pain fallen prophets wallow in decay inflexible iron will shows the path to revival destroys weeknes and fear strikes the enemies upon me I wasnt born to kneel before the throne of rats I wasnt born as sheep to lay my head under the butchers knife


Format: CD/LP
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland


released March 12, 2018

Produced and mixed in Garaż Studio
Recorded by Mateu-Sz
Mixing and mastering Mateu-Sz & Kingdom.
Artworks by Maciej Kamuda.

SBCH - guest voc
Mat. - guest solo

Kingdom are:
LWN - vocal, guitars
STH - bass
SLW - drums

Contact: king666dom@wp.pl
More info: www.facebook.com/kingdomtempleofdeath

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Kingdom have fought countless battles over the years, but with 'Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground' not only do they follow the warparth taken on 'Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment', but they expand on their uncompromising and furious, claustrophobic and ghastly psalms and hymns of blasting blackened death metal. The opening track titled 'Walls of Askalon' , although heavily crushing on your head like a falling wall, is just a harbinger of what is yet to come. And that is a fully mature, crypt-stenched stuff proving that while still dwelling in the most unholy traditions of blackened death metal, Kingdom have actually developed their own style within the niche, combining vocal modes, riffs, solos and tempos typical of the genre, and spicing them up with their characteristic grinding blasts, crushing mid-tempo parts and doomy fragments, intriguing melodies and lyrics, again both in English (like the gut-wrenching and mind-blowing 'Putrescent Remains', or the grinding 'Karma Slayer') and in Polish ('Niemy Krzyk Zagłady' or 'Martwa Ziemia' showing Kingdom at their best, both musically and lyrically wise). And when you think you've had your brains smashed, your heart torn out, and your bowels squeezed out of your body, there comes the surprising cover. Guess Abbath and co. will really consider retirement once they've listened to what the four-piece' version of their classic 'Blashyrk' sounds like now.
On the whole, it is a true masterpiece and a strong candidate to be considered the 2018 blackened death album, even if limited to the local scene.


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Godz Ov War Productions is an independent label dedicated to extreme music from the depths of the underground.

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